Researchers and Health Professionals

​​​Specialist units

The specialist units of the CTC offer researchers according to their needs support in specific aspects of clinical research projects.

The support includes the creation of study protocols, case report forms (electronic CRFs) and further required documents, the preparation for submission files for authorities, the preparative procedures and the conduct of clinical trials by qualified specialist personnel.

The CTC also offers quality control of active trials by study monitoring, audits, data evaluations and support with writing reports to authorities.

The units' flyers (PDF):


Specialist Units

Regulatory Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs Unit


Personal advice regarding

  • Trial planning, preparation and conduct
  • Project specific trial files
  • Submission to Ethical Committee and Swissmedic
  • Regulatory issues
  • Provision of a range of templates: study protocol, amendments, investigator's brochure etc.
  • Creation and elaboration of document templates and creation of project specific trial documents (fee for service)

Advice and inquiries:, Tel. +41 44 634 55 20




Clinical Research Ward: Infrastructure and Services

Clinical Research Ward - Infrastructure


  • Provision of study rooms
  • Study room management according to relevant ordinances and (GCP-) guidelines
  • Production of emergency envelopes
  • Preparation of blinded study drugs
  • Storage and dispatch of samples for laboratory analyses

Clinical Research Ward - Services

Our qualified trial physicians (investigators), study coordinators and study nurses are ready to carry out for you the following tasks in clinical trials:

  • Recruiting of patients/volunteers, pre-screening by phone
  • Preparation of files required for the trial conduct
  • Scheduling and coordination of patient/volunteer visits
  • Collection and preparation of bodily samples for laboratory analyses
  • Support with maintenance of patient diaries/questionnaires
  • Completeness checks of the trial files
  • Preparation and support of monitoring visits
  • Study drug management
  • Support with reporting of adverse events
  • Conduct of study visits with professional care and monitoring of trial participants.
  • Creation of trial specific working instructions
  • Support with the randomization of trial participants
  • Appropriate archiving of trial files

Our physicians are qualified specialists in pharmaceutical medicin and will support you with:

  • Supervising the planning, conduct and work-up of trial projects
  • Interdisciplinary trial coordination
  • Coordination of the trial conduct
  • Communication the Ethical Committee and Swissmedic
  • General troubleshooting





The Monitoring Unit


Experienced monitors will carry out


  • Pre-study visits
  • Initiation visits
  • Routine monitoring (including source data verification & drug accountability)
  • Closing visits



Data Management

The Clinical Data Management Unit


Our services for clinical research:

  • Provision of data capture tools and databases
  • Creation of case report forms (eCRF)
  • Creation of Data Managent Plans
  • Creation of Data Managent Reports
  • Project specific instruction and trainings
  • Data Management education



Quality Management

Quality Management


We offer consulting in quality management aspects of clinical trials and audits of clinical trials.



External Specialists

Biometrics & Biostatistics

Biometrics and Biostatistics Services

are offered by our collaboration partner at the University of Zurich: Biostatistics


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